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Run today's GNU!

Item posted by Ludovic Court├Ęs <civodul> on Sun 13 Nov 2011 09:43:30 PM UTC.

Tired of mainstream free software distros and operating systems?  Then this is for you:

It's a fresh QEMU image of GNU (aka. GNU/Hurd), the extensible operating system designed to liberate users from the tyranny of sysadmins, professional kernel hackers, and other restrictions to Freedom #1.

The image is continuously cross-built from GNU/Linux, using the Nix package manager, off the VCS of GNU Mach, the Hurd, Coreutils, grep, and Guile 2.0.x.  It also contains snapshots of other programs, such as Zile, GCC, and GNU Make.

The intent is (1) to allow integration testing of Mach, the Hurd, and the C library, and (2) to allow other GNU packages to be tested on GNU/Hurd in a virtual machine.

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