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Version 1.5.3

Item posted by Roman Z. <hut> on Mon Mar 5 11:51:22 2012.

2012-03-05: Version 1.5.3

  • Added --selectfile option that selects a certain file on startup
  • Added --list-tagged-files option
  • Added --cmd option to run commands on startup
  • Added --profile option for additional debug information on exit
  • Added a visual mode (activate with "V", deactivate with Esc)
  • Added a reversed visual mode (activate with "uV")
  • Added $RANGER_LEVEL environment variable which ranger sets to "1" or higher so programs can know that they were spawned from ranger
  • Added run flag "r" for running with root privileges (needs sudo)
  • Added run flag "t" for running in a new terminal (as specified in $TERMCMD)
  • Added :relink command to change destinations of symlinks
  • Added "dc" binding for getting the cumulative size of a directory
  • Added "autoupdate_cumulative_size" option
  • Added "pht" binding to Paste Hardlinked subTrees (like cp -l)
  • Improved sorting speed of signals (noticable when caching many directories)
  • Improved drawing speed
  • Fixed unexpected behavior when displaying nonprintable characters
  • Fixed :bulkrename to work with files starting with a minus sign
  • Fixed RangerChooser example in man page
  • Fixed crash when opening images with sxiv/feh by running "ranger <image>"


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