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BFGMiner 3.2.0 released

Item posted by Luke Dashjr <lukedashjr> on Fri 30 Aug 2013 02:19:25 AM UTC.

NEW VERSION 3.2.0, AUGUST 30 2013

This release is the first of a new stable-focused 3.2.x branch. Many new improvements have been added, plus a merge from cgminer 3.4.0. BFGMiner 3.1.x is now discontinued, but bugfixes have been backported to 3.0.7 and 2.10.13.

Human readable changelog:
- modminer, x6500 & ztex: Completely removed bitstreams from BFGMiner distribution, and replaced with instructions on where to find them officially. OpenWrt users should note that the repositories still include packages, but under new names.
- New embedded getwork server to drive Block Erupter Blades and similar devices off BFGMiner. Instructions in README.ASIC. Currently not included in OpenWrt or Windows binaries.
- Fixed stratum pool-switch crash regressed in BFGMiner 3.1.0.
- Added stratum support for --request-diff by attempting to send a mining.suggest_target notification to pools when connecting.
- erupter & icarus: Various optimizations to catch racing nonces, and otherwise reduce hardware errors.
- Enable simple notifications for idle/sick/dead devices via --cmd-idle, --cmd-sick and --cmd-dead options that execute commands when the events occur.
- Support for probing/hotplugging new devices from the TUI ([M]anage, plus key).
- Simple multicast RPC detection.
- Imported Aaron D. Gifford's fast SHA256 implementation (used for share validation on CPU).
- Due to random font issues, Unicode is disabled by default. Use --unicode to enable it.

Full changelog:

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