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AVRDUDE 6.0.1 released

Item posted by Joerg Wunsch <joerg_wunsch> on Tue 17 Sep 2013 10:28:47 PM UTC.

More than two years after the previous release (5.11.1), AVRDUDE 6.0.1
finally made it to go public.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved into that release,
both active developers with SVN access as well as numerous users who
contributed bugfixes, improvements and suggestions.

The primary reason for the major version number bump was a changed
syntax of the configuration file (programmer types are now strings
rather than keywords), but that version number change has certainly
also "raised the bar" about many other things that should have been
done before releasing it. Among those are:

. direct reading of ELF files (provided libelf with its header files
is around when ./configure runs)

. keep track of input file contents; when programming just a
bootloader only, nothing else but the bootloader area is touched

. config file can refer to a "parent" device; this dramatically
simplifies the config file as only those things that have been
changed compared to the parent must be specified anew

As an experiment, I'm trying to provide an "official" Win32 binary
release for the first time. It has been compiled using a MinGW32
cross-compilation environment on my FreeBSD host system. If this
turns out to be a complete failure, please tell me, so I can stop this
experiment, and leave Windows binaries to those who know more about
the matter than me. If it works, you might want to tell me
nevertheless, so I might continue that service in future.

Here are the complete release notes for 6.0 (from the NEWS file):

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