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ReTux 0.5 (Beta) Released

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Wed 06 Apr 2016 11:54:15 AM UTC.

ReTux is now in beta! Version 0.5 has been released. That means the game is now basically done, and all that's left to do is make sure there aren't any kinks that need to be ironed out. As before, the new release can be found on the download page, and the password is the same as it was for the alpha releases.

One other thing I'm thinking of doing before the 1.0 release is running a small level making contest to add some bonus levels. Of course, for that to happen, I first need to make the level editor guide, which I think will be made a part of the ReTux website. Stay tuned for that!

In addition to the remaining levels which have been finished, ReTux has had the following changes since version 0.4:

  • It is now possible to turn stereo off for sound effects. This can be useful for headphones.
  • Fixed a bug where controls for GUI widgets were not set on the first run.
  • Adjusted some of the fallback background colors used when backgrounds are disabled.
  • Improved the system for quitting the game. There is now a menu you can open at any time by pressing the "menu" key or joystick control. The "pause" key currently opens this same menu during a level. This makes it possible to quit to the title screen without a keyboard.

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