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Release 0.0.7 Now available

Item posted by Jeremiah Orians <oriansj> on Sun Jun 4 01:41:38 2017.

Release 0.0.7 is now available with the following changes:

Added HACKING guide covering critical sections
Added rom building steps to make
Added more advanced cleaning options to makefile
Extended stage2 lisp with null?
Extended stage2 lisp with string=?
Exported DEHEX rom image to makefile and added checksum
Cleaned up x86 notes and moved into x86 folder
Changed the results of make all to include all of the essential roms
Made makefile parallel build friendly
Fixed failure to lookup symbols that are identical but are in different lexical scopes
Updated Bootstrapping instructions to reflect new checksum and recommendation for most minimal requirements
Fixed flaws in existing makefile
Added build instructions to README and listed dependencies
Imported High level prototypes for new functions
Purged notes that no longer apply or belong outside of stage0
Removed redundent clean options from makefile


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