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AKFAvatar 0.24.3
     posted by akf, Thu 26 Dec 2013 02:22:14 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.24.3 released.

  • audio: big audio files are read directly from file while playing (if possible via mmap)
  • audio: AU and WAV data can be read from non-seekable streams    (loaded into memory)
  • fix: Pascal sound support fixed
AKFAvatar 0.24.2
     posted by akf, Tue 13 Aug 2013 12:03:17 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.24.2 released.

  • lua/clock.lua: resizing works (with some delay)
  • lua/four_in_a_row.lua: mouse support / resizing
  • lua/four_in_a_row.lua: play against computer

Lua-API changes:

  • Module "akfavatar-graphic":
    • new functions: graphic.set_pointer_buttons_key,      graphic.set_pointer_motion_key, graphic.get_pointer_position, graphic.set_resize_key
AKFAvatar 0.24.1
     posted by akf, Mon 29 Jul 2013 12:45:45 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.24.1 released.

  • fix: lua/interactive_lua.lua: fix handling of incomplete lines
  • Lua module "akfavatar-graphic" included in executable
  • text cursor modified
  • lua-akfavatar: GNU .info files can be shown as plain text (no hyperlinks)
AKFAvatar 0.24.0
     posted by akf, Sun 30 Jun 2013 01:04:48 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.24.0 released.

The charset support was completely rewritten. It doesn't depend on the system's capabilities anymore, but all is included.

  • fix: terminal doesn't use so much CPU time anymore
  • fix: window resizing for the pager works again
AKFAvatar 0.23.1
     posted by akf, Wed 27 Mar 2013 06:48:35 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.23.1 released.

  • fixed vulnerabilities
  • avoid recursive calls of the bell
  • split source code for better maintainablitity
  • name sign with 3d effect

C-API changes:

  • avt_set_title: no automatic charset conversion
AKFAvatar 0.23.0
     posted by akf, Sun 23 Dec 2012 07:20:59 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.23.0 released.

The code was made less dependend on SDL. There is a new experimantal backend for a Linux framebuffer device, but without mouse support or audio (of course you can call an external audio-player in your scripts). [...]

AKFAvatar 0.22.1
     posted by akf, Tue 28 Aug 2012 01:51:21 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.22.1 released

This is a major update.
There are a lot of changes in the APIs. Also the ABI was changed.

  • Window is resizable again (content gets centered)
  • The image can be a separated banner as header or footer
  • Uses Lua-5.2 now, no longer compatible with 5.1
AKFAvatar 0.21.2
     posted by akf, Tue 13 Sep 2011 03:25:55 PM UTC

AKFavatar 0.21.2

This is again mainly a bugfix release, only few changes

  • the filechooser uses the systems character encoding, so does the audioplayer
  • empty string is always accepted as encoding (system's encoding)
  • fixed avt_recode_buffer, this also fixes setting the title/shortname
  • the audioplayer doesn't crash if it gets an empty list
  • updated documentation
AKFAvatar 0.21.1
     posted by akf, Sun 28 Aug 2011 12:38:06 PM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.21.1

This is mainly a bugfix release, only few changes

  • fixes two bugs where characters were lost (one was because a buffer was too small, but there was no buffer overflow, so it was harmless)
  • the mouse pointer is not hidden by default anymore - this caused problems on some systems
AKFAvatar 0.21.0
     posted by akf, Sat 20 Aug 2011 08:09:04 AM UTC

AKFAvatar 0.21.0

General Changes:

  • if a script is started from the filechooser an error in the script doesn't stop the whole program
  • terminal emulation optimized, some new codes supported
  • new sound for the bell
  • in Lua loading a sound now always invokes the garbage collector

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