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Apso 0.2.1 released
     posted by pellegrini, Fri 22 Aug 2008 04:19:43 PM UTC - 0 replies

A cleanup & bugfix release; tested with monotone 0.40. There is also a Debian AMD64 package available this time.

Apso 0.2.0 released!
     posted by pellegrini, Sun 08 Apr 2007 08:49:41 PM UTC - 0 replies

Not many changes -- mostly an internal cleanup. But we are already working on 0.3.0, and it will bring some more perceptible enhancements.

Caio Marcelo has joined the team and has done most of the code cleanup.

Apso 0.1.1 released!
     posted by pellegrini, Sat 04 Nov 2006 01:30:16 AM UTC - 0 replies

More enhancements to the build system and to the Debian package.

Apso 0.1.0 and Debian packages
     posted by pellegrini, Thu 02 Nov 2006 11:25:28 AM UTC - 0 replies
  • The build system is now much better
  • Chad Walstrom has created Debian packages for Apso
  • There were also some bug fixes
Version 0.0.2 released!
     posted by pellegrini, Sat 28 Oct 2006 09:56:07 PM UTC - 0 replies

Not too many changes, but it's there! The info file has been updated, there are some changes to the install tools and the random number generator is being rewritten.

Version 0.0.1 released!
     posted by pellegrini, Sat 02 Sep 2006 08:44:01 PM UTC - 0 replies

This is the first official Apso release.
Apso is still a prototype, but already performs encryption of repositories and supports granting and revoking access.

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