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Crack-Attack! 1.1.15 Alpha needs testing!
     posted by lorien420, Fri 02 Jun 2006 11:43:31 PM UTC - 1 reply

We need to get 1.1.15 squared away for release!

Crack-Attack! 1.1.15 CVS 01

It's time to begin testing for a new release.

Over the 1.1.15 development cycle we changed the networking code to use [...]

Development Journal
     posted by lorien420, Sun 24 Jul 2005 06:31:50 AM UTC

I don't always fill out the Tasks section very well. I especially sometimes don't know where to draft ideas that I have before putting them in tasks. Also, that section is more for coordinating with others that are external. When Webb and I want to get something done, we typically just talk to each other. [...]

1.1.14 released
     posted by lorien420, Sat 14 May 2005 03:12:34 AM UTC

We're really excited about this new release because we've done a major redesign of the GUI. The other major visible change is that now time is kept versus the AI rather than score. The game currently doesn't track the best times, but we're working to add more and more scores to the game. [...]

     posted by lorien420, Sat 23 Apr 2005 03:11:35 PM UTC

1.1.13 has finally hit the files section. This is a mainly a bugfix and porting release.

 - Autopackage support.
   You can download an autopackage for the gcc3.3 ABI or the gcc3.4 one. [...]

     posted by lorien420, Mon 28 Mar 2005 10:42:10 AM UTC

Savannah doesn't seem to overwrite files correctly, so I've bumped this up to revision 1. The only changes in this version are build fixes to 1.1.12, so if you didn't have any trouble building it, then you don't need to bother with this newer version.

Crack Attack! 1.1.12 re-released
     posted by lorien420, Mon 28 Mar 2005 10:22:21 AM UTC

Apparently there were build errors related to not properly including <cassert> in some files. This has been fixed, and a new gzip'd and bzip'd tarballs have been pushed to the files section.

Crack Attack! 1.1.12 released
     posted by lorien420, Sun 27 Mar 2005 05:55:16 AM UTC

The next release of crack-attack is finally here! This release contains some significant enhancements to the single-player game and graphics.

New Features:
  Computer players in single player mode! Chose from three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.
  Extremely low graphics mode. For those of you with computers that can barely handle Crack Attack! as is, try out the new lower graphics mode.

General Improvements:
  Crack Attack! no longer takes 100% CPU when it doesn't need to.

Cross-platform compatibility
     posted by kwebb, Wed 10 Nov 2004 06:31:02 PM UTC

I fixed the incorrect protocol version number.  The version in CVS should now be compatible with the old Windows build. :)

Crack-Attack-1.1.11 released
     posted by lorien420, Fri 22 Oct 2004 02:25:57 AM UTC

I cleaned up the gui a little bit more and decided to release. Here it is folks. Have fun with the new front-end and don't forget to report bugs.

Beta 1 Released!
     posted by lorien420, Fri 15 Oct 2004 01:15:38 AM UTC

I'm releasing some betas to try out the new features before we go entirely live. There is an optional gui using GTK+2.0 that is enabled by default. Have at it!

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Crack-Attack! Reborn posted by lorien420, Mon 11 Oct 2004 03:58:32 AM UTC

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