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osip 4.0.0 / eXosip 4.0.0 release
     posted by aymeric, Mon Jul 16 22:51:52 2012 - 0 replies

The new git branch "multireg" has been under development for the last few months. The branch has been renamed to become the official "master" and default branch for eXosip2.

eXosip2-4.0.0 will be released very soon! You can already use this new stable git which contains all latest patch. ...

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     posted by aymeric, Sat Feb 4 14:12:56 2006 - 0 replies

eXosip2, a complete rewrite of eXosip, is available since a few
monthes. A release has been made and can be downloaded there:

If you are considering to use eXosip2, please try to use the
latest CVS which is much more up to date!

For any related information, go to:

And check for generated doxygen doc at:

Thanks to all contributors and users.

eXosip2 - soon to be released
     posted by aymeric, Tue May 3 12:04:35 2005 - 2 replies

eXosip2 is soon to be released. The API has been totally rewritten to get much more flexibility over SIP message creation. A lot of limitation (authentication, redirection, access of headers, media negotiation, early media.....) has been removed.

eXosip2 is available under the CVS branch "eXosip2". You can access new documentation at and download pre release on


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