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Kakadu is now known as Kiwa
     posted by kakadu, Thu May 2 14:06:46 2002 - 0 replies

The Kakadu engine is now part of the Kiwa project. The engine has been rewritten, and there are a lot of good stuff added with it.
The Kakadu web engine project won't be maintained anymore, see

new 1.2 version is out
     posted by kakadu, Thu Nov 1 13:26:49 2001 - 0 replies

The new version is out. It uses the same XML files as previous versions but kakadu.php has been rewritten and it is cleaner =)
It now allows you to access container variables in the templates like a normal variable...
ie : echo $container->vars["plop"];
=> pikachu
echo $plop

which is kind better...
I will rewrite all the documentation and start to developp new cartridge for forum site...
soon available for download

Kakadu 1.0 is out
     posted by kakadu, Mon Aug 13 14:57:30 2001 - 0 replies

The first serious version is out.
A lot of changes since version 0.9.14, XML blocks code that allows to give all parameters you want to pipelets.
That made the cmpnode to become obsolete.
At least a script to create DB structure...enjoy !

Kakadu is now available for download
     posted by kakadu, Mon Jul 30 17:12:35 2001 - 0 replies

This is the 0.9.14 version. There is for now no DB creating scripts, so il you want to try this version , please email me and I will send you the DB structure. This will be included very soon... =)

     posted by kakadu, Fri Jun 8 00:55:19 2001 - 0 replies

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