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mimms 3.2.1 released
     posted by wjl, Mon 12 May 2008 12:55:07 AM UTC - 0 replies

mimms 3.2.1 released 2008-05-11

  * Correctly use filename argument; it was ignored because of a bug.

Code now hosted in Bazaar
     posted by wjl, Mon 12 May 2008 12:21:52 AM UTC - 0 replies

CVS is now completely obsoleted; all mimms source code is now hosted in Bazaar <>.

mimms 3.2 released
     posted by wjl, Wed 16 Apr 2008 05:24:17 AM UTC - 0 replies

mimms 3.2 released 2008-04-15

  * Use SI units in progress bar, and native sizes in buffers.

  * Removed; instead, Stream can just be iterated.

mimms 3.1 released
     posted by wjl, Sun 06 Apr 2008 05:57:12 PM UTC - 0 replies

mimms 3.1 released 2008-04-06

  * All implementation is refactored into libmimms. This makes it easier to
    use mimms from other python programs.

  * Compared to 3.0, this version is documented and commented much better.

  * User interface (progress reporting, error messages, etc) improvements.

mimms 3.0 released
     posted by wjl, Fri 04 Apr 2008 04:27:04 AM UTC - 0 replies

mimms 3.0 is released.

Notable in this release:

  * Rewritten in python to be more flexible and have less dependencies.
  * Smarter filename handling.
  * Resume support.

MiMMS 2.0.2 Released
     posted by wjl, Fri 18 Jan 2008 05:08:50 PM UTC - 0 replies

MiMMS 2.0.2 is released. This adds a --bitrate option to specify the maximum bitrate to use for appropriate video stream selection. The default is also changed to always selected the highest possible rate if this option is not given.

MiMMS 2.0.1 Released
     posted by wjl, Thu 17 Aug 2006 08:10:47 PM UTC - 1 reply

MiMMS 2.0.1 has just been released. This version has minor bugfixes and fixes the timed download (-t) option which was formerly broken.

New MiMMS 2.x Series
     posted by wjl, Mon 05 Jun 2006 01:30:29 AM UTC - 0 replies

MiMMS 2.0.0 has just been tagged in CVS (RELEASE_2_0_0) and uploaded into the file section. Keep in mind that as this is a new release series, there are some slight interface changes--hopefully for the better.

With the current 2.x series, MiMMS ...

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MiMMS 0.0.8 released
     posted by wjl, Fri 17 Sep 2004 02:09:30 PM UTC - 0 replies

A new version of MiMMS is out. This one just has some quick bug fixes for bugs that were accidentally introduced during the transition to popt and GNU regex: we no longer insanely timeout when no timeout parameter is given, and we don't segfault on short url paths.

Thanks to Rupert Levene for the bug reports. =)

MiMMS 0.0.7 released
     posted by wjl, Fri 17 Sep 2004 02:06:54 PM UTC - 0 replies

The latest version of MiMMS has been released. The main changes in this release were the fixing of command-line parsing, and the addition of some requested command-line flags and features, including specifying the output file, and recording only for a specified amount of time.

CVS is tagged as RELEASE_0_0_7, and files should be available in the regular download area shortly.

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MiMMS hosting at Savannah posted by wjl, Thu 26 Aug 2004 05:39:46 PM UTC - 0 replies
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