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     posted by ganneff, Mon Nov 3 15:46:22 2003 - 0 replies

Well, bugfix one is available.
The authmodules are fixed, now they compile on every architecture, not only on 32-bit ones.

1.3.13 is there
     posted by ganneff, Sun Nov 2 20:15:00 2003 - 0 replies

Now there is release 1.3.13 out. Fixes some bugs with PowerPC (and maybe other architectures). Added the authentication modules, you can now select them with --with-authMODULE. Some other things fixed/changed. Get it and have fun. :)

IRC channel open for business
     posted by rugger, Thu Nov 21 09:45:47 2002 - 0 replies

Muddleftpd now has a channel (called funnily enough, #muddleftpd) on the irc server Come visit to get help with configuring / troubleshooting your muddleftpd server.

New Member
     posted by ganneff, Sat Oct 19 11:49:00 2002 - 0 replies

Added a new member, caomhin (Kevin Golding). He will do the work on the website.

Autoconf updated
     posted by rugger, Thu Oct 17 08:27:30 2002 - 0 replies

Muddleftpd now uses autoconf 2.54

In addition, I have also removed all autoconf generated files from CVS. So if you intend to work on or use muddleftpd from CVS then you will need to install autoconf 2.54 on you system and run the following commands after you pull or update the tree: ...

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Muddleftpd out
     posted by ganneff, Wed Oct 16 08:39:01 2002 - 2 replies

New stable release, is out to fix the logging bug.

Logging bug
     posted by rugger, Wed Oct 16 03:06:06 2002 - 1 reply

The patch to fix the security bug in logging was broken. People using the CVS version, or the patch, should update to the latest CVS version. (or simply replace logger.c with the CVS version)

Freshmeat Entry
     posted by ganneff, Tue Oct 15 23:27:36 2002 - 0 replies

Yes, entry for muddleftpd is created and located here:

New Project Admin
     posted by ganneff, Tue Oct 15 10:43:45 2002 - 0 replies

Today Beau joined the savannah project for Muddleftpd.
He is the original author of this soft, so he is project admin. :)

Have fun

New Member
     posted by ganneff, Fri Sep 27 16:04:42 2002 - 0 replies

Muddleftpd has a new member, serek.
(He was admin of the old mailinglist hosted at

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Mailinglist posted by ganneff, Thu Sep 26 08:23:57 2002 - 0 replies
Project created at Savannah posted by ganneff, Thu Sep 26 07:28:29 2002 - 0 replies
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