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lightweight Plex86 changes license to MIT (non-copylefted)
     posted by robertmh, Thu 08 May 2003 08:52:41 AM UTC - 1 reply

Kevin just announced [1] that his lightweight version of Plex86 will
be relicensed to the MIT license, which is basicaly an open permission for everyone to relicense it and release propietary versions of Plex86. [2]

Personaly, i wouldn't like ...

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Light-weight Plex86
     posted by RvnPhnx, Fri 14 Feb 2003 05:41:48 PM UTC - 3 replies

Kevin has resumed work on a lighter-weight version of Plex86.  I'm still not sure if I plan to keep working with this fork or not.

Check his new site out at:

Patch Criteria......
     posted by RvnPhnx, Fri 08 Nov 2002 04:33:29 AM UTC - 2 replies

If you want a good idea as to how I think about patches (and why they aren't being added to the old plex86 tree for the time being...) then you should have a look at what Linus said about how he accepts patches for his project.  I think very similarly to him--except that since I am an engineer and he isn't I'm a little more worried about the bottom line: "DOES IT STILL WORK RIGHT?"

Old site is down....
     posted by RvnPhnx, Mon 07 Oct 2002 02:30:40 AM UTC - 2 replies

The old plex86 web site is no more.  I was wondering how long it would take for them to take it down, but it is now--the wondering is over.  In any case, this is where the work happens--so be it.  I have the old cvs still, in case anybody wants to play with it.  I may get it posted here, and then branched/modularized, etc.--but the development is going to focus more on the plex86-release stuff for now.

Philosophy of programming
     posted by RvnPhnx, Fri 12 Apr 2002 03:38:44 AM UTC - 0 replies

Of special interest lately seems to be the concept of software project management.  Here at the Plex86 project I take the concept seriously in the way that an engineer takes all of his work seriously--"Failure is not an option" (a quote ...

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Plex86/bochs Sync updates
     posted by RvnPhnx, Mon 08 Apr 2002 03:45:52 PM UTC - 0 replies

There are some patches to re-synchronize the device trees in bochs and Plex86 over on for those interested.  They will be integrated (with changes) shortly.

Plex86 Lives!
     posted by RvnPhnx, Mon 10 Dec 2001 04:24:43 AM UTC - 0 replies

Plex86 is still alive.  Kevin Lawton has given me his blessing to apply CPR to Plex86 and set up the CVS here.  I'll be posting work requests as we sort things out.  Please come back here often as I'm still in the process of setting things up.  I'm also still maintaining the old site at for the time being.  I hope to have some downloadables up here soon for the folks behind firewalls.

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