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Dormant Period
     posted by corbius, Thu Aug 7 17:13:28 2003 - 0 replies

The project will continue to be dormant for hopefully only a few more months until I get get all the servers that we need up and going. I have been able to get some sponsorship programs going for the web hosting we will need. We do however need to ...

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IRC Channel of Freenode
     posted by corbius, Wed Apr 23 02:50:38 2003 - 0 replies

The irc channel #probity has been registered on freenode you can access it via: irc://

Even more lots more stuff
     posted by corbius, Wed Apr 23 02:28:16 2003 - 0 replies

Just about got new various plan files done. Been doing research on antivirus and firewall software. Right now im in the picking of what filetype detection library to use. Incorporation drafting/revising is near completion for incorporating. I'm ...

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Browsers/Mozilla Branch Added
     posted by corbius, Tue Apr 1 03:34:49 2003 - 0 replies

The branch browsers with the sub branch mozilla has been added. Along with the branch mozilla files and code for the mozilla browsers will be released. Most importantly one of the XUL ("ZOO/EW/EL" "ZULE") applications will include a panic button with hopefully soon access keys for it and an optional submission to the probity project to be reviewed for addition to the black list.

Major Update
     posted by corbius, Wed Mar 26 23:06:00 2003 - 0 replies

I'm adding rss/rdf, wap/wml, xml, and promotion services. Press releases will be availible soon. Developer, list editor and moderator guides will be availible. I added a trial yahoo group which will include RSS service. We are partnering and linking ...

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Ways to help raise funds
     posted by corbius, Wed Mar 5 22:11:36 2003 - 0 replies

There are now many ways you can help us raise funds, through: , , and now direct buttons on the website. There will be also new fund raisers announced in the future.

Getting things rolling
     posted by corbius, Fri Jan 31 07:48:15 2003 - 0 replies

I just fixed the discussions so they are hooked to my email. I'm working on the website, going to have translations availible on it. We need linguists, translators, educators, students, developers and list editors to help out. I am also comming up with ways of raising funds for some nice servers for the project to use, as well as ways to incorporate the project.

CVS Sources started
     posted by corbius, Tue Oct 29 06:31:56 2002 - 0 replies

The cvs tree for the project documentation and programming has begun development. We also need some list editors to help get things moving along.

The discussions are up!!!
     posted by corbius, Fri Aug 16 14:51:09 2002 - 0 replies

Open discussions have been opened on a mailing list forum, add your self to probity-discuss ( )today and start posting.

Server Farm
     posted by corbius, Wed Aug 14 18:09:23 2002 - 0 replies

The project has started a basic server farm to doing extensive testing. The project still needs more servers for testing. The servers will probally be used for development and as central servers for the project in the future.

I have done up a ...

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