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FitGallery 1.01 stable
     posted by presi, Sun 26 May 2013 08:49:29 PM UTC

FitGallery 1.01 is avalible. It fix a internal problem that made it fail with recent versions of PHP.

This fix was in the repository since it was discovered.

FitGallery 1.00 stable
     posted by presi, Wed 30 Mar 2011 01:57:43 PM UTC

Finally FitGallery 1.00 is ready, this is the first stable release based on the very tested 0.9x branch.

In addition, the FitGallery homepage based on FitGallery itself has been created (

GNU Bazaar repository created
     posted by presi, Sat 14 Aug 2010 08:28:01 PM UTC

I have migrated the development to GNU Bazaar version control system. Two new branches have been created: main (with admin interface and future features) and 1.3x (future 1.30 and later revisions with current admin interface).

Old branches on GNU Arch will be kept, specially stable--1.00 (will be a 1.00 release son, I hope!) and links--0 (0.95L with URL links support).

Also, the repository has been mirrored on Launchpad with browsing support.

FitGallery links branch (0.95L)
     posted by presi, Wed 28 Apr 2010 09:27:06 AM UTC

This is a new branch of FitGallery that allows to make custom URL links for individual galleries and images. This has been implemented to create a home page for FitGallery using FitGallery itself.

I don't plan to make a release nor add this functionality to main branch, but the code is in the repository.

FitGallery 0.95 beta released
     posted by presi, Thu 15 Apr 2010 09:07:21 AM UTC

This is the 5th revision of 0.9x branch. Even it's still marked as beta, only fixes has been applied so we can consider it's near stable. Eventually 0.9x will be 1.00 stable. The current admin branch (on repository) will be the future development branch with new features and beta releases.

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed a problem with medium thumbnails in exif mode
  • Replaced sample image with lightweight one
  • Minor cleanup and security changes
FitGallery 0.94 beta released
     posted by presi, Tue 29 Sep 2009 01:27:27 PM UTC

Release early, release often

Yet another minor release, changelog:

  • Fixed order of galleries and sample thumbnail of a gallery
  • Other minor changes and corrections
FitGallery 0.93 beta released
     posted by presi, Mon 24 Aug 2009 06:26:18 AM UTC

This is a new release with minor internal fixes/corrections:

  • Readdir() evaluation for directory loops corrected
  • Constants in defines are now strings
FitGallery 0.92 beta released
     posted by presi, Sun 02 Aug 2009 11:04:17 AM UTC

A new release with general/preventive fixes (not critical) and image/gallery hide feature (using file/directory permissions).


  • Only allow exif information/thumbnail (by exact URL) when enabled in configuration
  • Only show galleries and images that are readable (you can hide galleries and images removing read permissions)
  • Fixed a problem with exif thumbnails on gallery index
  • Other minor fixes
FitGallery 0.91 beta released
     posted by presi, Wed 01 Jul 2009 11:23:53 PM UTC

It's a minor release that fixes a bug in random CSS (random.css.php). It generated an extra HTTP Contet-Type header when not suitable because CSS is included inline in HTML (inside <style> tags).

This bug is not critical, in fact as far as I know it doesn't affect functionality but generate a lot of warnings in PHP log so I decide to make a new release.

FitGallery 0.90 beta released
     posted by presi, Sun 28 Jun 2009 11:07:22 PM UTC

A new major release of FitGallery has come out. These are the main changes:

  • Added video support
  • Added GIF support
  • Added "resample" and "quality" options to control quality of thumbnails
  • Improved CSS
  • Improved exif support
  • License upgraded to GPLv3 (or later)
  • A lot of fixes
  • A lot of optimization improvements
  • A lot of security improvements
  • Documentation updated

This release is available from download area, when all mirrors are in sync.

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