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     posted by matthewwarren, Wed Jun 13 23:20:27 2007 - 0 replies

We have a skeleton ODBC interface for storing collected data, and a reader module to read flatfile and DB ino transparently.

SSH some progress, stalled. Need help from someone who knows the basics of SSH.

Looking into creating Documentor module. Possible pylons - interface for creation of templates, data from collectors/file/db, and render to HTML. non webapp context, very usable set of tools!

Dev still going on. CVS still broken.
     posted by matthewwarren, Fri May 25 14:00:08 2007 - 0 replies

CVS is broken here.

For up to date code mail matthew_j_warren at

New features added;

crude DB integration for storing historical gathered info and trending / reporting.


SSH entity finally started.

New Features!
     posted by matthewwarren, Fri Dec 15 14:07:38 2006 - 0 replies

With the GUI some new stuff has been implemented;

  • red/amber/green status indicators on entity output tabs. Any Entity that currently has alerts raised against it will show 'red' etc..
  • [[1..10,15,29,30..39]] notation for generating multiple commands ...

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New GUI version ready !
     posted by matthewwarren, Thu Dec 7 16:53:07 2006 - 1 reply

Finally there is a workable, usable version of fatcontroller using a wxWidgets/wxPython as a base for it's GUI.

It's not pretty, it's far from complete, but offers the command line functionality, the beginnings of an object tree to ...

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Update on GUI
     posted by matthewwarren, Tue Nov 14 09:14:37 2006 - 0 replies

More progress has been made on the GUI. Things are actually moving a bit again, so hopefully an updated CVS tree will be available soon.

FatController moving again
     posted by matthewwarren, Tue Oct 10 14:08:19 2006 - 0 replies

boaConstructor and wxWidgets are being used to build a gui interface around FatController in it's current state. Current CVS trees here at savannah will remain out of date until the basic GUI has been built.

Update on schedule
     posted by matthewwarren, Wed Feb 8 15:01:05 2006 - 0 replies

Time constraints have been killer in our worlds at the moment, but there is good news on the horizon!

There is soon to be a fairly dedicated 6 week period from mid-Feb onwards I am earmarking for FC development, so hope for great things! ...

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     posted by matthewwarren, Thu Dec 29 13:15:08 2005 - 0 replies

Just to let anyone who may be looking know that the project isnt dead, just sleeping. The two of us who are writing code for it are currently very busy with work commitments.

We still both use FC every single day in an enterprise environment. We still love it, and we are still activley working to improve it.

Merry Christma and a Happy New Year!

CVS Trees are out of date
     posted by matthewwarren, Tue Dec 6 14:32:52 2005 - 0 replies

Due to some technical issue the current CVS repository is out of date. It should be bought up to date within 7 days.

SSH2 module on the horizon
     posted by matthewwarren, Mon Oct 10 09:39:05 2005 - 0 replies

Work will soon begin on the SSH2 module. Firstly, there is discussion around the chosen SSH2 module for python, and the implications for crypto implementation using PyCrypto, all at the FCWiki,

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FatController Wiki started up posted by matthewwarren, Sun Oct 9 15:55:20 2005 - 0 replies
New Package Release v1f8r3a posted by matthewwarren, Wed Sep 21 15:29:53 2005 - 0 replies
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bugs database transferred to savannah BUG tracker posted by matthewwarren, Mon Sep 19 12:13:04 2005 - 0 replies
CVS Repository up posted by matthewwarren, Sun Sep 18 12:33:14 2005 - 0 replies
Package update released posted by matthewwarren, Fri Sep 16 13:20:39 2005 - 0 replies
First package released. posted by matthewwarren, Thu Sep 15 14:08:54 2005 - 0 replies
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