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DataExplorer 3.3.0 released

Item posted by Winfried Brügmann <brueg> on Tue 01 Aug 2017 08:12:43 AM UTC.

1) general updates and fixes
- fix analog display of synchronized master record
- support UTC time formatting
- enhance GPS coordinates support (longitude / latitude)
- formatting in degrees/minutes or decimal degrees based on unit settings in the device XML
- keep selected channel after opening an OSD file
- add history graphics template support (no default set of templates get delivered)
- fix STM virtual serial port enumeration problem (Graupner MC-28/26)
- fix device XML migration problem with devices using USB
- simplify device XMLs to language neutral version to reduce maintenance effort

2) HoTTAdapter*
- fix start time stamp using last modified of log file
- fix header in graphics window displaying consistent actual date, this is independent of the log file date
- add MDL converter functionality for MC-28/MC-26 from/to MC-32,MC-20,MX-20,MC-16
        - update MDL-Viewer plug-in

3) iCharger (serial communication only)
- fix problems with received strings which are not a valid status
4) MC3000
- add support for Lithium-Titanate batteries (BATT TYPE: LTO) FW 1.14

5) NMEA-Adapter
- fix NMEA-Adapter parser to handle not supported NMEA sentence at begin

6) UT16E Unitrend multimeter
- add support

7) S32, latest and greatest JLog3
- correct RPM factor

8) SM GPS-Logger (1+2)
- update configuration capability to FW 1.19

9) SM UniLog2
- update configuration capability to FW 1.14

19) VC820, VC840
- fix table update problem while starting new recording in table view

20) History analysis
- add context menu support
- graphics template support (no default set of templates get delivered)
- analyse values in detail in the measurement mode (absolute / delta)
  - measurements table
  - delta measurements with regression and boxplot
- right click on a source file in the history graph / table and
- open it in the graphics tab for detailed analysis
- exclude / reintegrate it in the history analysis (e.g. preflight tests)
- delete it permanently (e.g. unintentional recordings)
- user interface enhancements
- identify the source files via x-axis tool tips showing the filename
- show source directories in the graphics header tooltip
- enhance smart statistics (quantiles, boxplots) and outlier identification
- show the GPS location in a human readable text in the history table (requires internet access)
- minor enhancements
- support print and screen capturing
- integrate files from subdirectories (maximum directory level setting)
- some additional measurements have been stripped off (e.g. file size, CPU time)
- fix package loss unit (was per mille)
- update DeviceProperties schema to V31 to enable updates regarding history analysis

21) update users guideline documentation

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