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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

The DataExplorer is free software, please see It is also available at no cost, but without any warranty. Since the implementation is based on Java using the free available libraries RXTXcomm and SWT the execution of this program is possible under a number of popular operating systems like 32/64 Bit GNU/Linux and MS Windows and Mac OS. The only requirement is the installation of a Java run-time of version 8 to Java 17 for the 32 bit versions and Java 11 to 17 for the 64 bit versions, such as IcedTea or open JDK. For simplicity, the 64 bit versions for Windows and MAC OS are provided with built-in Java run-time. There is no need to install a Java runtime for these cases. Since the MAC OS versions are based on Intel code, DataExplorer runs in the Rosetta emulation layer. The DataExplorer supports national languages where English and German are actually available.

The DataExplorer gathers data from connected devices or file import and display this data for a various of further analysis.
Actual the following devices are available as plug-in:

 -   AkkuMasterC4 (Htronic) - 4 outlet battery charger/discharger
 -   Akkumatik (Estner) - battery charger/discharger
 -   4D-AkkuMonitor (4D) - battery monitor
 -   ArduPilot - UAV log analyzer (beta-version)
 -   AV4ms (Fritz Mössinger/accu-select) 4 slot battery charger/discharger firmware >= 762
 -   CellLog 8S, (Junsi) battery cell monitor
 -   Core-Telemetry, (PowerBox Core) telemetry data analysis
 -   CSV-Import generic form (beta-version)
 -   CSV2SerialAdapter, import of configurable CVS data files
 -   D100 (SkyRC) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   D100 V2 (SkyRC) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   Devo-Telemetry (Devention) telemetry log analysis
 -   DataVario, DataVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
 -   Dynamite Passport GPS Speed Meter (Horizon Hobby) GPS Logger
 -   eStation BC6 50W, BC6 80W(dx), BC610, BC8, 902 (Bantam) charger/discharger
 -   FlightRecorder (Multiplex) telemetry log analysis
 -   Futaba-Telemetry (Robbe/Futaba) telemetry log analysis
 -   GigaLogger (Simprop) multi logger
 -   GSM-015 GNSS Speed Meter (SkyRC) GPS Logger
 -   GPS-Logger (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, variometer integrated
 -   GPS-Logger2 (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, variometer with TEK integrated
 -   GPS-Logger3 (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, variometer with TEK integrated
 -   GPXAdapter GPS Exchange Format file analyzer, extensions prepared for Mikrokopter
 -   Herkules III Telemetry (Andreas Baier) Copter ESC Module
 -   Hitec DRX1 (Hitec DRX1 Pro) charger/discharger
 -   Hitec X1 Red charger/discharger
 -   HoTTAdapter (Graupner) telemetry data analysise
 -   HoTTViewerAdapter (Graupner HoTTViewer files)
 -   iCharger 106B (Junsi) charger/discharger
 -   iCharger 206B (Junsi) charger/discharger
 -   iCharger 208B (Junsi) charger/discharger
 -   iCharger 306B (Junsi) charger/discharger
 -   iCharger 3010B (Junsi) charger/discharger
 -   iCharger 308DUO (Junsi) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger 406DUO (Junsi) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger 4010DUO (Junsi) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger 456DUO (Junsi) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger 458DUO (Junsi) 2 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger X6 (Junsi) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger S6 (Junsi) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger X8 (Junsi) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger X12 (Junsi) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger DX6 (Junsi) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iCharger DX8 (Junsi) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   IGCAdapter (International Gliding Commission) file analyzer
 -   iMax B6 (SkyRC) charger/discharger
 -   iMax B6 V2 (SkyRC) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   iMax B6 mini (SkyRC) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   IISI Cockpit (Multiplex) Matthias Isler
 -   JetiAdapter (Jeti, Jeti-Box) telemetry data analysis
 -   JLog2 (SM-Modellbau) - ESC motor driver logger
 -   Kosmik (Kontronik) - ESC motor driver with integrated loggger
 -   LinkVario, LinkVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
 -   LiPoWatch (SM-Modellbau) - LiPo saver, cell voltage measurement
 -   LogView OpenFormat Zero (LogView) - user defined device log format
 -   NMEA-Adapter (diverse) - GPS track analyzer
 -   MC3000 (SkyRC) single cell charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   Modster200 (SkyRC) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   Modster600 (SkyRC) charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   OpenTx-Telemetry - telemetry data analysis
 -   Pichler P6 50W, P6 80W, P60 (Pichler) and other eStation BC6 clones charger/discharger
 -   Picolario (Renschler) - variometer
 -   Picolario2 (Renschler) - variometer
 -   Polaron Ac/Dc Sports (Graupner/SJ) - battery charger/discharger
 -   Polaron EQ (Graupner/SJ) - battery charger/discharger
 -   Polaron EX (Graupner/SJ) - battery charger/discharger
 -   Polaron Pro (Graupner/SJ) - battery charger/discharger
 -   Polaron EX 1400 (Graupner/SJ) - battery charger/discharger
 -   Pulsar 3 (Elprog) - battery charger/discharger
 -   QC-Copter/QuadroControl (tt-tronix) control unit
 -   Q200 (SkyRC) 4 channel charger/discharger USB-HID
 -   S32/JLog3 (R2Prototyping) - ESC logger
 -   Spektrum-Telemetry (Spektrum) - telemetry data analysis
 -   Triangoli - triangle flight analysis
 -   Ultramat AC/DC EQ (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultramat12 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultramat16 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultramat16S (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultramat18 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Duo Plus 40 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Duo Plus 45 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Duo Plus 50 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Duo Plus 60 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Duo Plus 80 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Trio Plus 14 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Trio Plus 16S (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   Ultra Quick 70 (Graupner) charger/discharger
 -   UniLog (SM-Modellbau) multi - measurement device
 -   UniLog2 (SM-Modellbau) multi - measurement device with cell voltage analysis
 -   UT61E (UniTrend) multimeter
 -   VC820, VC840 (Conrad/VoltCraft) multimeter
 -   Weatronic-Telemetry (Weatronic) telemetry data analysis
 -   WDE-1 (ELV) Weather-Data-Receiver beta-version

More device are under construction. Help doing this is very welcome.

A device API (IDevice) is defined to enable a relative simple adaptation of a new device.

Registration Date: Mon 10 May 2010 06:24:45 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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Version 3.7.8 released
     posted by brueg, Sat 27 May 2023 12:41:30 PM UTC

Generic changes/fixes

  • Java runtime update 17.0.7+8-LTS-224

Device specific changes/fixes

  • HoTTAdapter - history analysis *.bin error sensor data fixed

Allgemeine Änderungen/Korrekturen

  • Aktualisierung der Java runtime 17.0.7+8-LTS-224

Gerätespezifische Änderungen/Korrekturen

  • HoTTAdapter - Historien-Analyse *.bin Fehler bei Sensordaten behoben
version 3.7.7 released
     posted by brueg, Tue 09 May 2023 11:56:46 AM UTC

Generic changes/fixes

  • delay update check to make sure UI is set up
  • Java runtime update 17.0.6+9-LTS-190

Device specific changes/fixes

  • Akkumatik - add configuration dialog
  • Akkumatik - add help page with short dialog introduction
Version 3.7.6 released
     posted by brueg, Thu 16 Mar 2023 03:31:33 PM UTC

Generic changes/fixes

  • fix missing scale of another synchronized record in history graphics
  • update data table according visible or zoomed data

Device specific changes/fixes

  • HoTTAdapter correct total package loss calculation
Version 3.7.5 released
     posted by brueg, Sat 04 Feb 2023 03:11:20 PM UTC

Generic changes/fixes

  • extend IDevice interface to enable device individual file comment synchronization
  • enable file comment synchronization
  • put check for update in a separate thread to avoid blocking UI while download URL not available

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