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Distributed Privacy Guard 1.1.2 released

Item posted by Heiko Stamer <stamer> on Sun 02 Jun 2019 10:53:22 AM UTC.

This release adds a lot of features to some programs: two new options ("-K" and "-f") allow dkg-keysign to read the certification key from a keyring instead of a single key block file. Moreover, with option "-a" an interactive confirmation by the user is required for each signature. Passive support of V5 keys (cf. draft RFC 4880bis) has been added for all programs, however, dkg-generate still generates V4 keys only, because this new feature of the draft is not widely spread. There is also a new encryption capability: an empty KEYSPEC tells dkg-encrypt to        create a symmetric-key encrypted session key, i.e., the user has to supply a passphrase for encryption and decryption without any public-key cryptography involved.

Last but not least, two bugs have been fixed: First, dkg-decrypt failed on many ZIP-compressed OpenPGP messages with "ZLIB ERROR: -3 invalid block type" due to a bug in decompression logic. Second, dkg-decrypt failed in a special case of symmetric-key encrypted session keys.

Finally, the non-installing program dkg-fuzzer (generates fuzzy samples of somehow corrupted OpenPGP stuctures) has been added.

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