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Distributed Privacy Guard 1.1.2 released
     posted by stamer, Sun 02 Jun 2019 10:53:22 AM UTC - 0 replies

This release adds a lot of features to some programs: two new options ("-K" and "-f") allow dkg-keysign to read the certification key from a keyring instead of a single key block file. Moreover, with option "-a" an ...

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Distributed Privacy Guard 1.1.1 released
     posted by stamer, Sun 28 Apr 2019 11:43:52 AM UTC - 0 replies

Some small improvements have been applied for dkg-generate: Two new options ("-u" and "-N") allow providing the initial user ID and to disable the passphrase at command line. Moreover, since this release dkg-timestamp and ...

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Distributed Privacy Guard 1.1.0 released
     posted by stamer, Sun 09 Dec 2018 05:51:13 PM UTC - 0 replies

In this release AEAD support (cf. draft RFC 4880bis) has been added for dkg-encrypt and dkg-decrypt. Please note that it requires LibTMCG version >= 1.3.16 and at least libgcrypt version >= 1.7.0 for OCB mode. Moreover, if dkg-generate is called with the new option "--timestamping" then a corresponding key usage flag from draft RFC 4880bis is set. Other changes are marginal.

Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.9 released
     posted by stamer, Mon 12 Nov 2018 04:37:44 PM UTC - 0 replies

This release improves the possibilities of DKGPG further. With the new programs dkg-adduid and dkg-revuid an user ID can be added and revoked, respectively. The program dkg-revoke now supports a human-readable reason for revocation (by option "-R") and dkg-decrypt verifies an included signature according to a given keyring (option "-k"). Last but not least, by the program dkg-addrevoker an external revocation key can be specified.

Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.8 released
     posted by stamer, Thu 13 Sep 2018 05:10:12 AM UTC - 0 replies

With this release a lot of improvements and new features are introduced.

First of all, passive support for ECDSA, ECDH, and EdDSA (cf. RFC 6637 and Werner Koch's draft RFC 4880bis) has been added by relying on the most recent version of LibTMCG. ...

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Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.7 released
     posted by stamer, Wed 27 Jun 2018 05:22:36 AM UTC - 0 replies

This release contains a lot of small improvements, in particular due to the new OpenPGP structures from LibTMCG. The option "-k" (keyring) has been added to further programs. OpenPGP cleartext signatures can now be generated with dkg-sign by option "-t" and the output of potentially malicious user IDs has been sanitized in dkg-keycheck, dkg-keyinfo, and dkg-keysign. Finally, the source code has been cleaned up.

Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.6 released
     posted by stamer, Wed 21 Mar 2018 04:10:24 PM UTC - 0 replies

Again some important improvements have been introduced, e.g., the support for external revocation keys when validating a public key and new options for different signature types of dkg-keysign. The most notable change is the usage of a new key block and signature parser from LibTMCG. Thus code complexity of DKGPG has been reduced a little bit.

Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.5 released
     posted by stamer, Fri 09 Feb 2018 03:43:33 PM UTC - 0 replies

Major improvements have been achieved in this release: For signing of a OpenPGP public key (certification) the program dkg-keysign was added. With dkg-keycheck and the option "-r" some basic checks on RSA keys can be performed. Two new ...

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Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.4 released
     posted by stamer, Sun 24 Dec 2017 08:37:45 AM UTC - 0 replies

Since this release not required OpenPGP packets will be ignored.

Distributed Privacy Guard 1.0.3 released
     posted by stamer, Sun 10 Dec 2017 11:22:36 AM UTC - 0 replies

Only small bugfixes are included in this release. However, the most recent version of LibTMCG is required to recognize some important library changes (e.g. increased S2K count for secret key encryption).

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