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Incorporate GPL'd compression into project for Objectify

Category: Developer
Submitter: jsedwards
Date: Thu 17 Nov 2011 03:20:32 PM UTC
Status: Open

This group is not part of the GNU Project.

I have been programming and working with computers for over 35 years and what has turned out to be the biggest problem for me is finding the information I am looking for.  In the past 20 years I have owned dozens of computers and made a couple of thousand tarballs and hundreds of backup CD-R and DVD-Rs.  Trying to find a particular spreadsheet, e-mail or photo is practically impossible.

So what I hope to accomplish with Objectify is:

  1. All of your data (documents, photos, music, videos, e-mail, etc.) is all stored it one place, so you always know exactly where it is.
  2. Data is organized so that you can easily find anything.
  3. Data can be accessed from any of your devices, at any time.
  4. It is secure so that if your laptop, external USB drive, memory stick, etc. is lost or stolen your data cannot be accessed.
  5. Non-private data can be shared with everyone.  A good example would be the CD database with the track listings, but more information on everything.

License GNU General Public License v3 or later

Development Status
: 3 - Alpha

Details (job description, contact ...):

I am starting on the next generation of my project and I would like to use a compression algorithm (or algorithms) "under the hood" to reduce the disk space used.

I am not ready for coding yet but I would like to get an idea of what a good, existing, GPLv3 or later compatible compression library or libraries are available.

I am open to using different algorithms for different types of files, if that is better.  For example, I am planning to use FLAC to compress uncompressed audio (wave files, etc.).

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience
C Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr

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