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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

Xlog is an easy to use program for logging your ham radio contacts. Contacts are saved in a browsable list which can be edited.

Registration Date: Wed 05 Dec 2001 09:59:44 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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xlog 2.0.24 has been released
     posted by andystewart, Sun 03 Oct 2021 06:20:37 PM UTC

xlog 2.0.24 fixes the problem of truncating the very long file name associated with /dev/serial/by-id/<lots_of_text>.  In the code, in many places, string values of 100 characters are hardcoded.  In my case, the "/dev/serial/by-id....." string was 101 characters(!).  Also, cty.dat was updated.

Have fun and 73,


xlog 2.0.22 has been released
     posted by andystewart, Sat 27 Feb 2021 06:34:06 PM UTC

Hi Everybody,

I fixed a couple of problems related to exporting Distance and Azimuth via ADIF.  Did you know that you can rename the two UNKNOWN fields with these names, and xlog will compute the values based on the grid location?

Have a lot of fun, and 73,


xlog 2.0.21 has been released
     posted by andystewart, Fri 19 Feb 2021 01:13:25 PM UTC

Hi Everybody,

xlog 2.0.21 has been released with the following updates:

  * Modified get_smeter and get_powerlevel to use default values
    (S9 and UNKNOWN) if hamlib cannot get values from the radio
    (e.g. quisk).
  * Be sure to use at least hamlib4.1 to avoid a crash that occurs [...]

xlog 2.0.20 has been released
     posted by andystewart, Thu 04 Feb 2021 04:06:12 AM UTC

xlog 2.0.20 is now available for download.

From the ChangeLog:

- Changes for xlog version 2.0.20 - 2021-jan-30
  * Updated cty.dat 20210127 (cty-3102)
  * Added FST4 support and 5m/8m bands for ADIF 3.1.1
  * Added /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1 to the hamlib device menu [...]

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