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Asimulator is a simulator for intelligent agents. It can be used in courses in artificial intelligence or for fun. The user can practice the use of search algorithms.

An Asimulator world consists of a map of up to 129 x 129 tiles, some rules and an agent. The goal for the agent is to understand percepts and respond with actions that result in as high score as possible. The actions are moving around, grabbing items and neutralizing enemies. Collecting items, neutralizing enemies and returning home is good for the score. Wasting actions is bad for the score. Moving into enemies or dangers is really bad for the score (the agent dies). The agent percieves when it is next to an enemy or dagner.

The simulator is a server application and a client can connect to it over a socket. Therefore agents can be implemented in any programming language that supports sockets.

A sample client is included as a reference implementation. It is written in Ada. Therefore it is very easy to start writing agents in Ada. Just copy some template files and fill some function bodies. A few sample agents of varying complexity are included. They are written for the Ada interface.

The server performs the action in the world and sends the resulting percept to the client. It is possible to create imagesets (themes) for the simulator. There are editing features to tweak every variable in the worlds, so it is possible to construct specific testcases. Those can be save and loaded. The client can send symbols to the simulator, which will display them on the map. This gives a visual help in understanding the agent's thoughts about the world, which aids debugging. Of course the client can also send debug messages as normal text. Asimulator is designed to take advantage of 2 monitors. The map view can be put on one and the text output on the other.

The simulator reqiures Qt-X11-Free-3.3 and KDE-3.5 (other versions may work but no guarantee). The Ada client reqiures Adasockets-1.8 (other versions will probably work but no guarantee).

See the documentation that is reachable from the Help menu in the appliction for more information. Currently the only distribution method is CVS.

Registration Date: Thu 06 Mar 2003 02:43:46 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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