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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

html-helper-mode was originally written by Nelson Minar as a mode for
writing HTML pages. I took it and mang^H^H^H^Hupgraded it to help me
write ASP (bleach! but when you are an employee...) page with Emacs.

After adding ASP I felt morally forced to add PHP and JSP support (mostly because I would like to backup the whole ASP thing in /dev/null).

The mode uses buffer narrowing and mode switching for dealing with server code or client scripting, That is: you enter in the server code block with the cursor and a command narrows the text to the server code block and switches to another mode, i.e. c-mode for PHP. For
JSP you can choose to use either java-mode or JDE.

Project status on savannah:

Should be set up completly :)
If you want to join the fun, you are welcome.

Registration Date: Wed 24 Sep 2003 08:23:44 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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Still to fix completly Emacs21 compliance
     posted by baol, Sun 16 May 2004 04:18:18 PM UTC - 0 replies

But I added a couple of change to old jolly version. Indentation now considers tbody, thead and div and css is supported via css-mode

A bug close to be closed :)
     posted by baol, Mon 19 Jan 2004 04:45:23 PM UTC - 0 replies

I'm close to fix bug 7058.

Thanks to Stefan Monnier, I was able to write the new fontification engine.
That require to copy and change font-lock-default-fontify-region (html-helper-mode has its code now) and borrow some code from font-lock. ...

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Work going on
     posted by baol, Fri 09 Jan 2004 01:11:56 PM UTC - 0 replies

First of all, the work to conform html-helper-mode to GNU standards (final goal, become a GNU tool) has begun.

Then, rehauling of fontification has begun. Many thank to Stefan Monnier for
his help and advice.

Up and running, hopefully
     posted by baol, Fri 02 Jan 2004 03:53:20 PM UTC - 0 replies

Since the 404 of web pages, Savannah is the official site for html-helper-mode.

CVS is up, something has to be fixed but it's up.

Anyone wishing to join the fun is welcomed!

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