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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

'btctrade' is for people who would like to see the average price of any currency, in bitcoins, during any specific year, month, day, or hour. The program reports highs, lows, and averages by downloading data from <>. To learn more about Bitcoin, see <>.

It requires Python 3.2 or later.

Writing this program was the only way I was able to find useful historical data about the Bitcoin market.

If you would like to support this project, I will accept donations at this address: 1FqhEm9Uov45N5LFevhcQSZRof9nwRjPLd

Registration Date: Thu 23 Dec 2010 02:59:44 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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btctrade 0.4.0 released
     posted by luther11, Sat 02 Jul 2011 02:27:28 PM UTC - 0 replies

The program has been rewritten in Python and now supports the new API at

btctrade 0.3.0 released
     posted by luther11, Tue 12 Apr 2011 05:01:18 PM UTC - 0 replies

This version now downloads JSON data from by default. To get the old behavior, use the -c option. (However, note that no longer seems to be available, and I may remove this option in the future.)

The default feature set may be a little more stable from now on.

btctrade 0.2.0 released
     posted by luther11, Thu 03 Feb 2011 07:52:14 AM UTC - 0 replies

This version no longer outputs a CSV file. Instead, it takes numerical arguments as a date, and reports the high, low, and average for that year/month/day/whatever.

btctrade 0.1.0 released
     posted by luther11, Fri 24 Dec 2010 07:45:27 PM UTC - 0 replies

This is the first official release.

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