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Name: Circus: A highly modularized python WM
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Circus will be a modularized wm written primarily python.  The idea for the project grew out of a dissatisfaction with Rep as an extension language for an otherwise excellent wm (sawfish).  We hope to recreate much of the base functionality of sawfish, but provide an easier method (python) for users to extend the wm.

To get started we plan to use the readily available python-xlibs and PIL modules.  This should provide a framework for rapid prototyping of functionality, and a common basis for users.  We expect to move fairly quickly (in terms of versioning) beyond the capacities of these libraries.  Most likely we will have to extend the xlibs library and move the imaging from Image to pygtk-imlib or a similar graphics library.

The core wm program will be an engine for manipulating windows within the X-Windows framework.  All other functionality provided by a modern wm, virtual desktops, pager, menus, keybinding, tabs, etc. will be provided as modules.  This will ensure a clean interface for future user added modules.

Registration Date: Tue 12 Nov 2002 10:07:54 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 0 - Undefined


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Openbox3 direction change, python-based code saved for posterity...
     posted by tvon, Wed 21 May 2003 04:00:10 AM UTC

Well the ob3 development has taken another turn and python will no longer be as central as it was in CVS for a while.  Personally, I liked the way things were going, so I swiped the last python-based code from the ob3 cvs and imported it into my Subversion repository.  If anyone wants the code, let me know and perhaps I'll toss a snapshot up here.

I have put no time into the code, so it is still basically a cvs snapshot of the dead branch of ob3.

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