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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

DMS is aimed at distributing compilation processes, in
order to decrease the time it takes, and to let the developper easily
access more different computer architectures.

First, we'll try to distribute compilation processes which use gcc to
compile programs written in C within a LAN.

Depending on the success of this trial, we'll focus on security,
intelligent distribution of processes and resource sharing, and we'll
try to make DMS usable on the internet, not only on a LAN. We'll also
try to support more compilers and programming languages (C++ support is
a priority).

We use Python as the principal programming language and PyUnit for unit

Registration Date: Thu 08 Aug 2002 04:46:19 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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Development starts again
     posted by darktigrou, Tue 01 Mar 2005 05:26:40 PM UTC - 0 replies

After a long stop, we have managed to get enough time to continue the development of the project.

We hope to be able to get the better out of our past experience to improve the project. We'll start by a bit of refactoring (network protocol, class hierarchy, etc.), and implementing the features listed in the task list.

Stay tuned !

Some progress has been made
     posted by darktigrou, Mon 19 Aug 2002 09:11:09 PM UTC - 0 replies

We wrote two schedulers, and we are now able to compile C programs on a group of hosts, coordinated by a central scheduler. However, the tests results are not as good as we expected. Actually a disrtributed compilation handled by DMS performs better ...

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A step ahead
     posted by darktigrou, Thu 15 Aug 2002 11:25:27 PM UTC - 0 replies

We are able to compile huge projects (emacs, perl, python, etc.)
in a client server fashion.
The next step is to add a scheduler to distribute
the compilation jobs on several machines, not just two.
A basic scheduler should be available before the end of the week-end.
So, stay tuned !

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