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Name: gPortupgrade: the easy way to manage your BSD Ports!
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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

gPortupgrade is a GNOME frontend for the portupgrade tool (written by Akinori MUSHA). 

It uses therefore some GNOME2 features, such as a Gtk2 graphical interface, and a GConf2 configuration. 

Finally, gPortupgrade is totally implemented using the Ruby language.

Despite the fact that gPortupgrade is firstly developped for FreeBSD, it can work on any system which fills the following requirements:
  - A BSD ports tree
  - The portupgrade program
  - The Ruby programming language
  - The ruby-gnome2 bindings

In a few mouse clicks, the user should be easily able to:
  - Upgrade all installed software (synchronizing your ports tree through CVSup + rebuilding upgradable ports);
  - Install new software from the ports;
  - Uninstall previously installed software;
  - Search for a specific software in the ports tree.

Here are a few pointers:
  - portupgrade:
  - GNOME:
  - Ruby:
  - Ruby GNOME2 bindings:

Registration Date: Mon 24 Mar 2003 03:10:40 PM UTC
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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