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Name: King of the Hill - Multiplayer artillery game
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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

 King of the Hill (KOTH) is a multiplayer, networked artillery game of little tanks with really big weapons set out to destroy one another. Best-known games of this type include the classic DOS game "Scorched Earth: The Mother of All Games" and "Scorched Tanks" for the Amiga, but the concept has been implemented on everything from the TI-85 graphing calculator on up. KOTH seeks to build on the best ideas from these games while also taking a fresh, approach including an open, network-centric architecture and concurrent progressive event modeling.

# Supports up to ten players at once, with unlimited observers (ten only because beyond that the game would get unwieldy, not an architectural limitation)
# Players can join and leave at any time without disrupting the game
# Pregame and In-game color-coded chat
# Buy and sell various types of neat weapons to use against your enemies
# Fracal-tessalation terrain generating algorithm produces endless variations of interesting terrain (before you start blowing massing craters into it that is
# Falling dirt and falling damage to tanks
# Lightweight, asynchronous networking protocol - perfectly playable on a modem over the Internet even with high pingtime
# LibGGI for portable graphics. Currently supports 8/15/16/24/32 bits per pixel in any resolution
# Free software so anyone can and is encouraged to add in their own favorite weapons, equipment, and other features.
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Registration Date: Sun 22 Dec 2002 09:28:08 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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KOTH 0.8.0 released
     posted by douglaz, Fri 07 Feb 2003 03:30:37 AM UTC - 0 replies

new explosions
new weapons: black hole, laser, dirt curtain, dirt vaporizer and depth charge
infinite number of observers
readiness indication in pregame
bugfixes and more!

KOTH 0.7.7 Released
     posted by douglaz, Mon 30 Dec 2002 05:11:52 AM UTC - 0 replies

Get it =)

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