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 King of the Hill (KOTH) is a multiplayer, networked artillery game of little tanks with really big weapons set out to destroy one another. Best-known games of this type include the classic DOS game "Scorched Earth: The Mother of All Games" and "Scorched Tanks" for the Amiga, but the concept has been implemented on everything from the TI-85 graphing calculator on up. KOTH seeks to build on the best ideas from these games while also taking a fresh, approach including an open, network-centric architecture and concurrent progressive event modeling.

# Supports up to ten players at once, with unlimited observers (ten only because beyond that the game would get unwieldy, not an architectural limitation)
# Players can join and leave at any time without disrupting the game
# Pregame and In-game color-coded chat
# Buy and sell various types of neat weapons to use against your enemies
# Fracal-tessalation terrain generating algorithm produces endless variations of interesting terrain (before you start blowing massing craters into it that is
# Falling dirt and falling damage to tanks
# Lightweight, asynchronous networking protocol - perfectly playable on a modem over the Internet even with high pingtime
# LibGGI for portable graphics. Currently supports 8/15/16/24/32 bits per pixel in any resolution
# Free software so anyone can and is encouraged to add in their own favorite weapons, equipment, and other features.
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Registration Date: Sun 22 Dec 2002 09:28:08 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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