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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

laptopkernel is a patchset for the linux kernel containing several useful patches for laptop-users.
It contains acpi, software suspend, supermount and some hardware compatibility patches. Look at the latest news-announcement for a complete list of patches.

Note: We, the authors of laptopkernel, did not write those patches. We just put together a nice collection of patches useful for laptops.
If you want to credit people, credit the original patch authors for their work.

Registration Date: Mon 26 May 2003 11:03:13 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Why no new laptopkernels?
     posted by hanno, Wed 29 Oct 2003 10:22:34 AM UTC

Many of you have asked if there will be updated laptop-kernels in the future.
Probably there won't. Nearly everything that was part of the laptopkernel is now part of the main kernels (in 2.4 and in 2.6).
Only things left are software suspend and supermount. As they are not really laptop specific and you can easiliy patch them yourself, we see no need for any further versions of laptopkernel.
We suggest all laptopkernel-users to upgrade to the latest 2.4-pre-versions or to 2.6-test-kernels.

laptopkernel-2.4.21-rc8-laptop1 released
     posted by hanno, Thu 12 Jun 2003 08:36:23 PM UTC - 3 replies


Updated patches: swsusp, supermount, agpgart, drm, broadcom
New patches: acpi4asus, laptop_mode, sis-fb

Patch:  acpi-20030523 (
The ACPI in current kernels is very outdated. Most laptops won't have any [...]

First release of laptopkernel-2.4.21-rc4-laptop1
     posted by hanno, Tue 27 May 2003 02:17:48 PM UTC - 2 replies

laptopkernel-2.4.21-rc4-laptop1 released.
It is a patch on top of linux-2.4.21-rc4.

laptopkernel-2.4.21-rc4-laptop1 contains the following patches:

Patch:  acpi-20030523 (
The ACPI in current kernels is very outdated. Most laptops won't have any [...]

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