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<P><STRONG>mamo</strong> stands for <STRONG>MakeModules</strong>. Working on top of GNU-<STRONG>make</strong> and the <STRONG>Template Toolkit</strong> its intention is to automate common
tasks to the highest degree possible. You should be able to create a
source file, tell <STRONG>mamo</strong> about it and the targets you want and let
<STRONG>mamo</strong> care about the rest.</p>
<P><STRONG>mamo</strong> consists of a collection of <EM>Makefile</em> snippets called
modules. Each module defines features for a single or some related
common tasks. For instance module <CODE>C</code> defines features for generating
object files from C sources, module <CODE>Pod</code> defines features to
generate documentation from pod sources, while module <CODE>Install</code>
defines features for installing files in various ways locally or on a
remote host. The important module <CODE>Subdirectory</code> defines recursive
operation in a directory tree. In no way the tasks are limited to
programming. For instance <STRONG>mamo</strong> can be used to maintain a web site.</p>
<P><STRONG>mamo</strong> is used from a user <EM>Makefile</em>. The <EM>Makefile</em> has to do two
Include two <STRONG>mamo</strong> parts by using GNU-<STRONG>make</strong>'s <CODE>include</code> directive
Define the <STRONG>make</strong> variables which tell <STRONG>mamo</strong> about the sources and
targets maintained by this <EM>Makefile</em>
<P>Besides that such a <EM>Makefile</em> may contain additional rules and
definitions which may or may not relate to <STRONG>mamo</strong>.</p>

Registration Date: Mon 30 Dec 2002 05:56:34 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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Releasing version 0.02
     posted by smerten, Fri 08 Aug 2003 03:28:38 PM UTC

After a lot of work I finally want to announce version V0.02 of mamo.

At the moment there are still a number of `FIXME's of various levels in the code but they mainly are reminders for missing functionality. However, a lot of basic infrastructure has been implmented meanwhile. Indeed there are a number of interesting features like variables [...]

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