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Name: palito - a real time strategy game
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Palito (portuguese for "Stick") raised from the need to improve the user interface and gameplay of Total Annihilation. There were so many bugs and limitation on the game, yet we were so addicted to it, that we couldn't stand anymore :). barrett9h got the front and started focusing  on the gameplay, more than anything else, since we are a team of developers with very little graphic design skill. The simplification of the graphics of totala were necessary to make it possible to accomplish, but also to make it accessible to as many systems as possible (we are even thinking about a console/curses user-interface for this purpose.) So join the discussion of how should seem the open-source next-generation totala! (but no TA2-like nonsense, please :P)

Registration Date: Wed 15 Jan 2003 05:36:59 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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