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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

pdr (*personal data recorder*) and pdx (*personal data expert*) are free applications to collect and evaluate mostly numeric, personal data.

The intended use case is to log individual medical data (blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, heart rate and also medication). But you can use the programs also for technical, sports, fitness, weather, environmental or financial data. The principle is a continuous flow of numbers in time that you want to monitor. Every data item can also be commented by text.

See the homepage of the project (link below) for details and features.

Registration Date: Wed 24 Feb 2010 05:32:25 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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Web site moved
     posted by muellerto, Tue 13 Aug 2013 05:13:51 AM UTC - 0 replies

No, pdr/pdx is not dead. I just moved the web site for internal reasons. The new address is

Again developer news
     posted by muellerto, Thu 13 Jun 2013 05:38:05 AM UTC - 0 replies

Yesterday Twitter cut off the possibility to retrieve the user timeline in a RSS formatted feed. It just doesn't work anymore. Instead they "will concentrate on JSON only" from now on. Great! So I must again redesign the Twitter access of pdr. I plan to fix this problem in the next pdr/pdx release.

The Poco people announce their 1.5.2 release still for June. This is good news. If this has been done the next pdr/pdx release will follow soon.

Developer news
     posted by muellerto, Tue 26 Feb 2013 08:13:15 AM UTC - 0 replies

Developement with Poco 1.5.x strides ahead.

The next pdr/pdx release will be based on a completly new database schema. This affects especially the performance of pdx calculations - a report with nine diagrams that needed over all about 41s needs now unbelievable 7s (!) which has been achieved by optimizing some database operations. ...

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Developer news: POCO 1.5.0
     posted by muellerto, Fri 23 Nov 2012 10:05:03 AM UTC - 0 replies

At the moment I'm testing the already available prerelease of POCO 1.5.0.

This major release will not be source compatible, as all minor releases before have been. This leads to a lot of changes just to restore compilability. Probably this will also end up in some database changes. To get the sources up to date I branched away from the trunk and work on separate sources now.

Probably the next release of pdr/pdx will already be based on POCO 1.5.0.

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