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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

The current Python profiler is not free according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines ( and has been taken out of the main Debian distribution. This affects many users as the profiler is integrated into other programs such as ipython who lose functionality withouth the profiling available.

The aim is to write a wrapper for hotshot that will act as a drop in replacement for the profile module. hotshot was chosen as base since it is much better tested then any newly written code would be. Secondly an independed stats module will be written for hotshot so that loading of the data will be much faster. This module will then also have a 100% pstats compatible wrapper.

This project offers a module that is no more then a wrapper around the hotshot profiler which is also in the standard library.  This wrapper can be used as a drop in replacement for the standard profile module.  The choice of hotshot was a conservative one, it has been around for longer and will thus contain less bugs then a newly written profiler.

Secondly this module provides an improved mechanism to analyse hotshot files.  The generation of the statistics is about 30% faster then the hotshot.stats module takes.

The realisation of this project was possible due to sponsoring by the Google Summer of Code 2005 project ( hence many thanks go to them.

Registration Date: Mon 04 Jul 2005 09:03:29 AM UTC
License: X11 license
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Release 0.1.1
     posted by flub, Tue 22 Aug 2006 09:03:52 PM UTC

Yes, a new and shiny release is out!  It has a lot of fixes, notably in the build & install system and also in the error handling of illegal timer functions (which caused python to segfault before!).

Hopefully there'll be a Debian package soon.

hprof 0.1.0 released
     posted by flub, Mon 22 Aug 2005 08:07:49 PM UTC

Finally it is time to release a version of hprof.  With a bit of luck this should not break anyting.

To install use the scrip wich is just a default distutils script so you know where to find help on using it.

The only downside is that I did leave my GPG key on my computer at the room I rent for university.  The computer is not [...]

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