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SecureSkat is a peer-to-peer implementation of the German card game Skat. The program negotiates possible players and game sessions over an arbitrary IRC network (Internet Relay Chat). It uses the C++ library LibTMCG to ensure a reasonable level of verifiability for the card operations (e.g. shuffling). Furthermore, SecureSkat provides electronic voting capabilities based on a simple playing card encoding.

The cryptographic protocols of SecureSkat are designed with respect to the 'honest-but-curious' (aka semi-honest) adversary model. Thus we don't care about robustness or strong availability which are hard to achieve in a asynchronous environment. In general, we cannot prevent that malicious players share information about their private cards. But the protocols ensure that the shuffling of the deck is performed randomly (provided that at least one player is honest) and hence that the cards are distributed uniformly among the players. Moreover, face-down or private cards can be opened only, if all players work together.

Registration Date: Wed 13 Oct 2004 11:21:16 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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SecureSkat 2.15 released
     posted by stamer, Sat 08 Jun 2019 11:04:42 AM UTC

In this release several minor bugs have been fixed. Thus we recommend all users to update their installations. Moreover, a preliminary version of a simple computer player (SecureSkat_ai) based on heuristic has been added.

SecureSkat 2.13 released
     posted by stamer, Mon 08 Jan 2018 04:39:56 PM UTC

This release fixes a regression introduced in the last release: due to the increased default Rabin key size of 2048 bit the signatures have been also grown. Then the usual character limit of an IRC message (512 bytes) prevents any game session during the bid phase. We solved this issue by reducing the hash size (and algorithm) of the unique game identifier.

SecureSkat 2.12 released
     posted by stamer, Thu 21 Dec 2017 05:14:54 PM UTC

This release is two-fold: First of all, by setting the optional environment variable ALTHOST (i.e. to an onion address of a local running hidden service, see README), the IRC and P2P connections can be established within the TOR network. That means, the program will be called with torsocks and thus does not need a gap or NAT on your Internet [...]

SecureSkat 2.11 released
     posted by stamer, Sun 03 Sep 2017 12:01:02 PM UTC

This is bugfix release that also reflect some small interface changes of LibTMCG. Thus the very recent version (>= 1.3.2) of LibTMCG is required.

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