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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

This package is mainly a refactoring of texdoctk by Thomas Ruedas plus a GTK+ application to access the documentation.

The original description:
Many TeX programmers provide more or less detailed manuals for their programs or packages. They are usually available as .dvi, .ps, .pdf, .html or plain text files (sometimes included in the .sty files instead of a separate documentation file) and can be accessed with this browser, which is simply an interface to find a documentation more easily. It starts the respective viewer for reading the selected documentation making use of a database file which contains the path entries according to the teTeX v.1.0.x texmf/doc structure; usage of a system-wide local texmf tree isalso possible.

The documentations are grouped in several categories shown in the main window; pressing one of its buttons lists all documentations belonging to this topic.

The topic window lets you select one documentation file, view or send it to the default printer. By right-clicking on the selected item you get the complete path of the file.

The search button of the main window allows you to search the database for a string; it does not search file names. Enter the string and hit <Return> to start the search or <Control-c> to cancel. Just hitting <Return> without typing something in will show the full list of files in the database.

Defaults for the documentation root directory, the viewers, the converters, certain options and the printer are set in the global configuration file /usr/share/texmf/texdoctk/texdocrc. However, each user can put a copy of it as .texdocrc into his home directory to modify them according to his needs; modification or generation of ~/.texdocrc can also be done with the Settings menu. Additionally, the settings can be changed temporarily with this menu.

Registration Date: Sat 19 Nov 2005 07:04:12 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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