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Name: Unpiggyfy
Group Type: non-GNU software and documentation

This group is not part of the GNU Project.

Unpiggyfy is a source code formatter and indentation rules
Unpiggyfy can be used for two different purposes : indenting
source code not formated as you like, or doing the opposite function
(extracting formating rules of well-indented code).
Each programming language will be supported via a specific
configuration file (the language's key-words and maybe some
additional plug-in if the semantics of the language is indentation-dependent, as for Python and Cobol for example).
Unpiggyfy can be useful when maintaining source code not written by
you, in order to make it more readable. It could also be useful
before a CVS commit, in order to remove indentation changes you introduced only for you comfort (the others are not concerned with them but more on the semantics changes you made). Hence your
code should be commited only with project-wide indentation rules.
Unpiggyfy is written in Haskell, a strongly typed purely
functional language.

Registration Date: Mon 08 Nov 2004 05:08:38 PM UTC
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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