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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

The util-vserver project provides tools for kernels with the security context patch.

Registration Date: Thu Sep 25 14:45:48 2003
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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[Announcement] util-vserver 0.30
     posted by ensc, Fri Jul 2 23:24:21 2004 - 0 replies


I uploaded version 0.30 of util-vserver (stable) to

It is mainly a "make distributors happy" release to avoid usage of
versions labeled as "development". The changes are: ...

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[Announcement] util-vserver 0.29
     posted by ensc, Wed Feb 11 21:29:11 2004 - 0 replies


I uploaded version 0.29 of util-vserver to

The changes in this release are minimal and mainly caused by the new
barrier behavior:

- further compilation fixes

- adapted the 'vserver ... build' command to the new barrier mechanism


[Announcement] util-vserver 0.28
     posted by ensc, Thu Jan 29 10:28:20 2004 - 0 replies


I uploaded version 0.28 of util-vserver to

Its changes are

- BUGFIX: fixed context creation when both fakeinit-flag and a
static context is wanted; previous versions ignored the fakeinit ...

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Temporary download location
     posted by ensc, Wed Jan 14 03:06:43 2004 - 0 replies

Because of the outage of savannah's filedownload function, files for util-vserver can be found at

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