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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #41902 [libvarnam] Normalization of words while learning None None 2014-03-19
 #41754 [varnam-ibus] Logs should go to the standard directory None None 2014-03-02
 #41703 [varnam-ibus] Existing text, like placeholder is not getting cleared when typing None None 2014-02-26
 #41702 [varnam-ibus] Pressing the number key should insert the candidate at the specific position None None 2014-02-26
 #41701 [varnam-ibus] sync should take a word dump for initial training In Progress navaneethkn 2014-02-26
 #41489 [varnamproject.com] Websockets support for transliteration None None 2014-02-07
 #41252 [libvarnam] Remove snprintf defines None None 2014-01-16
 #41250 [varnamproject.com] Initialize varnam from language code None None 2014-01-16
 #40807 [libvarnam] Remove unwanted Ruby dependency None None 2013-12-04
 #40714 [libvarnam] Update patterns content and see if WITHOUT_ROWID is helpful In Progress None 2013-11-27
 #40580 [libvarnam] Remove unwanted definitions from the deps/CMakeLists.txt None navaneethkn 2013-11-14
 #40526 Export words should have an option to export words which are above a confidence level None None 2013-11-09
 #40512 [libvarnam] Infer base form of the word while learning None None 2013-11-07
 #40510 Train all the words available in Datuk Corpus In Progress navaneethkn 2013-11-07
 #40477 [varnamproject.com] Words which are not possible to learn stays in the queue for review None navaneethkn 2013-11-05
 #40465 [varnamproject.com] Make it easy to embed varnam input tool in any text box None None 2013-11-04
 #40424 Up arrow is not choosing the correct selection when popup is visible None navaneethkn 2013-10-30
 #40416 [libvarnam] Provide an option to mark equivalance between multiple tokens None None 2013-10-29
 #40415 [libvarnam] When enabling suggestions, it is not checking whether the supplied file is valid or not None None 2013-10-29
 #40414 Runtests should take command line args None None 2013-10-29
 #40411 Add Gujarati support In Progress navaneethkn 2013-10-29
 #40410 Add varnam as a module into silpa project None None 2013-10-29
 #40409 Add Telugu to the supported languages None None 2013-10-29
 #40408 Add Tamil as to the supported languages list None None 2013-10-29
 #40407 Adds support for Kannada in libvarnam. None None 2013-10-29
 #40406 Android IME None None 2013-10-29
 #40404 Create a words crawler for obtaining initial training set In Progress None 2013-10-29
 #40403 Create an iBUS engine to support offline input on Linux In Progress navaneethkn 2013-10-29
 #40402 Create a Windows IME for libvarnam None None 2013-10-29
 #40401 Implement a better frequency calculation algorithm None None 2013-10-29

        30 matching items - Items 1 to 30        

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