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Savannah User Interface Changes

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Wed 26 Nov 2003 01:28:55 PM UTC.

As promised in the previous news item, here comes a list of changes in the user interface:

      "My" area

        - Information related to the groups the user belongs to is now
          on a specific "My Groups" page, reachable via the left menu

        - Request for Inclusion: a user can request directly via the=20
          interface (on "My Groups" page) to join project. A mail will
          be sent to the administrators of that project and they
          will have to approve or disapprove the request.

        - You can choose to "watch" other members of your project by
          selecting the option on the "view members" link of your
          project's main area. This has the effect of your getting copies
          of all mail notifications a watched user receives (so, it is
          useful, if you want to replace somebody who is on holiday).
          Watched users and users watching you will be listed on your
          personal page.

       "Search" area

        - The wildcard * is now accepted in the search queries

        - Results for queries on groups and users are now printed in
          alphabetical order by default.

       "Trackers" area

        - The trackers (bugs/support/task/patch) share now a common
          configurable interface (the one from the original bug tracker
          contributed by Laurent Julliard) . Now every tracker item
          can have attached files, Carbon-Copy mail, notification list...

        - Items can be reassigned between trackers ( e.g. you can move
          a support request to the bug tracker) and even between projects
          (e.g. in case of an item submitted to a wrong project)

        - A tracker Item can have a dependency on any other item in any of
          the trackers. This includes items belonging to other projects.

        - Mail notification lists can be configured, so that e.g. you can
          have notifications for certain item categories only be sent to
          special users.

       "Projects Administration" area

        - Roles of the members of projects have been renamed and
          they underwent some change in their properties:

          * project administrators have the same privileges: They can
          manager members, configure tools for the project

          * trackers have now 'managers' (called previously
          'administrators') who are the only persons allowed to change
          the item status (open/close), the assignment and the priority of
          They cannot configure the trackers, their role is managing
          the workflow.

          * trackers still have 'technicians': these members can be
          assigned items and can update all fields of an item except
          for the ones mentioned in the 'managers' section above.

        Only project administrators will see the top menu
        containing the project administration. These links now only
        lead to pages to administrate/configure the tools of the project.
        All links related to the management of items can now be found in the
        public area.

        - On the page where tools can be (de)activated you can select to
          provide an URL instead of the default Savannah service. So you
          may choose to have your project homepage or the file download
          area somewhere else.

        - On the member management page, it is possible to add a user
          by first doing a search on his name and then choosing from the
          query results.

        - Members permission configuration is now more subtle than it
          * If you do not set any permissions, user will get the
          default for the Group Type your group belongs
          to (e.g. "non-GNU" defaults).
          * You can set default permissions for your group that every
          member will get by default (effectively overriding the Group Type
          * You can still set permissions on a per user basis, overriding
          all defaults.

Regarding the "Download" links. (posted by Mathieu Roy, Tue 02 Dec 2003 01:25:21 PM UTC)

The flag (de)activating this menu entry was used previously very differently, and in many case your download menu entry probably got considered as off.

If you want to reactivate that link, go in your project administration area / edit active features.

For gnus mailreader users (posted by Mathieu Roy, Thu 27 Nov 2003 09:18:36 AM UTC)

If you use bbdb, you should consider set  bbdb/mail-auto-create-p as this:

(setq bbdb/mail-auto-create-p 'bbdb-ignore-some-messages-hook)

and finally add the following:

(setq bbdb-ignore-some-messages-alist
      '(("From" .       "MAILER-DAEMON\\|.*noreply.*")))

Otherwise, your bbdb database may become pretty messy due to mails automatically sent by Savannah.



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