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Experimental P4K support in the Linux kernel module posted by hve, Tue 21 Feb 2006 10:37:03 AM UTC - 5 replies
cvs update posted by yasha_vo, Mon 31 Oct 2005 04:36:37 PM UTC - 0 replies
Ringtone support for USB-P1K added posted by hve, Wed 13 Jul 2005 10:56:47 AM UTC - 0 replies
Linux kernel module for the USB-P!K phone added! posted by hve, Wed 22 Jun 2005 08:00:14 PM UTC - 0 replies
Major Update posted by yasha_vo, Thu 09 Jun 2005 10:13:52 AM UTC - 0 replies
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Experimental P4K support in the Linux kernel module

Item posted by Henk Vergonet <hve> on Tue 21 Feb 2006 10:37:03 AM UTC.

Based on Steves reverse engineering there's now experimental support for the P4K phone.

The module has an additional parameter "default_model" that will pre configure the phone to either a P1K or a P4K.

insmod yealink.ko default_model=P1K
insmod yealink.ko default_model=P4K

The model is runtime configurable by using /sys/…/model on a phone by phone basis.

There should be support for BACKLIGHT and SPEAKER via the show-, hide-, and get_icon interface.

I don't have the hardware myself so I would have to rely on some of you guys to test it.

Have fun,

Is this project still alive? (posted by Alex Christensen, Thu 13 Mar 2008 03:30:56 AM UTC)

The version of yealink.c in the kernel is still from 2005. Is this new version ever going to be included? I cannot even find the new version to download it. My P4K is still sitting in a box unused.

yealink.ko (posted by David Weber, Sat 09 Jun 2007 10:43:04 PM UTC)

I compiled a kernel on slackware linux and in the configuration I selected yealink.ko as a module

The kernel compiled ok and worked when I rebooted

When I typed insmod yealink.ko default_model=P4K

I got an error error inserting yealink.ko -1 unknown symbol
in module

test on my Yamamoto USB Deskphone (posted by Edgardo, Mon 20 Mar 2006 05:07:40 PM UTC)

I would be glad to test this new feature on my Yamamoto USB Deskphone, however I would need some support or at least some more documentation to use the module. Anyone who could please give it?

Thanks and regards



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