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Bongo backported to Emacs 21 posted by dbrock, Wed 27 Dec 2006 04:43:54 PM UTC - 0 replies
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Bongo backported to Emacs 21

Item posted by Daniel Brockman <dbrock> on Wed 27 Dec 2006 04:43:54 PM UTC.

Ever since its inception in September 2005, Bongo has been constrained to running only on Emacs 22 development snapshots.  But earlier today, a rudimentary backport to Emacs 21 was completed and merged into the main repository.  Bongo developers are encouraging everyone who is interested in this port to download the latest version of Bongo and try it out on the stable Emacs release.

Bongo already works mostly as usual on Emacs 21, but some relatively unimportant features (such as fringe icons) are not supported.  However, there will doubtless be glitches and rough edges and perhaps even serious problems, so please consider reporting your experiences to the Bongo development mailing list <>.

(A joint effort by Daniel Jensen and Daniel Brockman, the porting groundwork was done in a couple of afternoons, with Jensen doing all the hard stuff on his afternoon and Brockman only taking the time to follow up a month later.)

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