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announcement: version 1.9.3 available

Item posted by Peter Hanecak <hany> on Sun 01 Apr 2007 05:18:22 PM UTC.


rpm2html version 1.9.3 is available.

Changes since last release 1.9.2:

New features:

  • option 'cve_linking' (enabled by default) which adds hyperlinks to any CVE-xxxx-yyyy and CAN-xxxx-yyyy numbers occuring in the changelog (links go to - based on patch from


  • accept '(' and ')' in resource names thus fixing the Requires list for 64-bit packages - patch by R. Scott Bailey

  • accept '(' and ')' in groups thus reduce the amount of "garbled group" warnings

  • little documentation clean-up and update

For more information, please visit .

Help, fedback, comments, patches, bugreports, ... - all welcome. Please use facilities at if possible or contact me via e-mail.



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