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flvstreamer 1.8f release

Item posted by fsck <fsck> on Tue 28 Jul 2009 03:39:19 PM UTC.

flvstreamer v1.8f has been released. Here is the list of changes:

- Added endian detection for PPC MacOSX in bytes.h

- New MakefileOSX which will create universal binaries for Mac (intel and PPC)

- Don't treat notify packets as media packets

- Ensure that flvstreamer always returns a non-zero exit code for <= 99.9% complete non-live streams that report a duration

- Fix endian define typo

- Add empty object to end of connect request

- The --stop option now also uses the play function to specify the length to stream to play. This allows the option to work better for some streams

- Added sanity checking for the --start and --stop options

- Times are now reported in seconds for readability


- Changed the audioCodecs list to match flash player 10

- Merge some upstream changes from libRTMP XBMC linuxport

- Fixed small bug in handshake response

flvstreamer on OSX (posted by Terrence, Mon 19 Oct 2009 01:54:30 PM UTC)


Can someone please tell me how to install flvstreamer in OSX
10.5, as I have not used unified binaries before.
I tried the following: make -f MakefileOSX flvstreamer
but got the following error: -bash: make: command not found

I also tried chmod 755 flvstreamer, but when I tried
./flvstreamer -h, I got the error: -bash: ./flvstreamer: cannot execute binary file.

Could someone please point me in the right direction.



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