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Version 025 is out.

Item posted by Kaz Kylheku <kkylheku> on Thu 26 Nov 2009 01:25:59 AM UTC.

I made enhancements to the configure script, which now autodetects some information by compiling sample test programs. So for instance, the integer type which converts to and from pointers is not just assumed to be "long", but is auto-detected.

Symbols are now maintained in hash-table based packages instead of in a global association lists. There are three packages: system, user and keywords.

Keywords always stand for themselves. The documentation also makes it clear that the symbols nil and t are special also and stand for themselves.

The behavior of the program is cleaned up in this regard too; @(bind) had some bugs. Now for instance @(bind nil t) behaves as a failed match, @(bind :foo :foo) is a successful match (keyword matches itself), etc.

A bug in the @(flatten) directive is gone (the underlying function was reducing an empty list to a list containing an empty list, following the intended pattern atom -> (atom), which should not apply to the empty list atom. This kind of thing is waht you get when you follow the beautiful design pattern for lists from Lisp.

Plus other bugfixes, like the broken handling in  the parser and such, and lots of internal improvements in the code base.

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