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Porting started

Item posted by Luca Dionisi <lukisi71> on Mon 11 Apr 2011 04:51:17 PM UTC.

An activity of porting the Netsukuku daemon to the Vala programming language just started.

The advantages of such a port, as we hope, will be:

  • high portability over many cpu architectures (and indeed ARM and MIPS boxes are very desirable targets for the netsukuku daemon)
  • very low requirements in terms of RAM usage and storage needed for the app and its dependencies
  • low-profile standard requirements in terms of libraries that a distribution has to provide in order to sport a functional netsukuku service (also in terms of license requirements, e.g. we'll use GNU TLS instead of OpenSSL for problems with its license in a Debian distro, as we look forward to include netsukuku in the Freedombox project)
  • standard C ABI that permits us to envision to exploit many existing software libraries

This site is devoted to this particular activity of port.
We are in need of many types of volunteer help:

  • writing code
  • producing documentation
  • helping with management of hosting services

That's all for now.

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