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AKFAvatar 0.20.0

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Fri 15 Jul 2011 08:03:22 AM UTC.

AKFAvatar 0.20.0

General changes

  • The program avatarsay was removed - all it could do can be done with lua-akfavatar now
  • documentation now consists of manpages and textfiles which can be displayed in lua-akfavatar directly
  • making demos became simpler again, there is no need to specify the balloon-size anymore, but therefore effectpause/back doesn't work anymore. (And it's not documented, yet. - see example files.)
  • lua-akfavatar can be compiled as module
  • new lua modules available for better UTF-8 support, terminal-emulation and the Ogg Vorbis audio format and a graphic module for drawing images
  • the terminal-emulation has a different, enhanced APC interface

C-API changes:

  • Changed definition of avt_image_t and avt_audio_t
  • New type avt_char:
    • avt_put_char() replaces avt_put_character()
    • avt_is_printable() replaces avt_printable()
    • avt_key() replaces avt_get_key()
  • new functions: avt_add_raw_audio_data, avt_pause_audio,      avt_get_newline_mode, avt_ticks, avt_show_raw_image,      avt_get_background_color, avt_image_max_width, avt_image_max_height, avt_get_font_size, get_font_char
  • avtaddons.h: new functions: avta_load_vorbis_file, avta_load_vorbis_data
  • modified behaviour:
    • avt.navigate: reacts when sound ends
    • deprecated: avt_show_gimp_image - use avt_show_raw_image

Lua-API changes:

  • new functions: avt.colors, avt.pause_audio, avt.directory_entries, avt.entry_type, avt.silent, avt.load_base_audio_file, avt.load_base_audio_string, avt.ticks
  • modified behaviour:
    • as alias for avt.long_menu can do more
    • avt.load_audio_file, avt.load_audio_string: return nil on error, can be enhanced
    • playing sounds are protected from the garbage collector
    • avt.navigate: reacts when sound ends

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