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Version 3.00 released

Item posted by Winfried Brügmann <brueg> on Sun 22 Apr 2012 03:48:53 PM UTC.

1) reduce scan depth while searching files and directories, OutOfMemory with recursive created directories by Wine
2) update CSV data parser
3) UniLog2 - fix error restart live gathering not possible if stopped while dialog is closed
4) HottAdapter2 - fix GPS data detection to enable Google Earth visualization
5) HottAdapter(2) - fix Receiver detection and add data error correction
6) HottAdapter(2) - add filter to filter Latitude/Longitude spikes, adjustable through device configuration filter_factor
7) UniLog2 - live data gathering keep already gathered data in case of an error
8) UniLog2 - live data gathering enable loop to reset live gathering
9) Multiplex FlightRecorder support
10)SM Modellbau JLog2 support
11)fix error cut curves with constant time step
12)fix error open help dialog Linux
13)update device properties schema to enable extended configuration
14)update device properties editor to reflect schema updates
15)UltraDuoPlus 50 - fix error to enable curve recording
16)UltraDuoPlus 50 - enable dialog to manage battery memory and retrieve battery history
17)SWT update to 7.2.2 final
18)update Linux cp210x kernel module for kernel
19)update documentation

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