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Emilio too busy to work on Stellar

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Thu Sep 5 02:57:49 2013.

Emilio, who started Stellar, recently told me in an e-mail that he has been busy lately and won't be able to develop Stellar at this time as a result.

I don't know when or even if Emilio will come back to working on Stellar, but I know that this is normally how projects like this die, so I've been prepared for the worst case scenario for some time. For now, I'm making the SGE into its own project rather than calling it a sub-project of Stellar.

So, the new plan is basically the same as the old plan: I'm going to finish the room editor and release version 1.0 of the SGE. The only difference in the plan is what will happen after that; the SGE will be very usable with just the room editor, so I will develop some games after it is completed (actually being able to use it is my main reason for developing the SGE, after all), but I will now also plan to develop a GUI of some sort. Truth be told, I was thinking of developing an alternative GUI, anyway.


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